Tuesday, December 15, 2009

she said it so well!!

A homeschooling friend wrote a wonderful blog post about teaching our children to work. She put it so well, that rather than attempting to say the same thing in my own words, I'm just sending you to her blog. They are a Mormon family, and I just really appreciate their family....ethics....I guess you'd say. I was so blessed in reading her post. I've been thinking about this same thing lately, especially after catering for the weekend at the Air Force retreat. I fed thirty people for the whole weekend with only the help of....my children! I could take on this job because I knew that I could count on them to help me. Nothing major, just lots of little jobs, but without them, it would have been nearly impossible. And I would have taken it for granted, because that's just how we are, except that I was continually told what amazing children I had, and people really seemed glad (for the most part....there was one noisy, playful incident, but...yeah) that they were there. I realized that our requiring them to help out around the home has shaped them, they stand out in today's society. In a way, that's kind of sad. Both hubby and I were raised in homes where it was just expected that everyone in the family work together, I can't imagine it otherwise, so of course, that is how we have raised our children. And slowly I'm seeing that that way of life isn't the norm so much anymore. I can't imagine it, I couldn't....no, I wouldn't, want to live in a home where we weren't all working together as a team!! Anyway, here is Karen't blog post! Enjoy it!

please note that I have fixed the link as it was pointed out to me that it took you to a page on elder care!! Sorry about that!!