Friday, August 31, 2007

Update on the stupid dishwasher

Okay, yes, I said "stupid"....and no, you won't find that brand in any store.....but I'm a little tired of this whole mess!! Yes, I am still working on this! (see this post if you don't know what I'm referring to) It has been over 2 months now, and still I am standing beside a broken dishwasher washing loads of dishes by hand (yes, I know there are many homes without dishwashers, but think of the sting of standing beside one, and performing its task!!) So....

Now they have decided that the home warranty company themselves will simply replace my dishwasher (because of all the hassle thus far)....except that I had to call them again to see what was happening with that as I hadn't heard anything from them for a week and a half! So then they called and told me to go online and checkout this one specific dishwasher that they were proposing. It's like one of the cheapest GE ones!!!! And ours is a Maytag, and was top of the line (I'm sure) when it was purchased, though now it is old enough that they can't even pull up the model number (or so they say). So I called and told them I didn't like the one they picked out, guessed it.....I'm on another merry-go-round! Now they're saying either I take the one they proposed or take a "cash out". Online, the one they proposed is $264, but if I take the cashout, I get their price which is $170!!! The only dishwasher I've seen for $170 is the one sitting out on the sidewalk (for 3 weeks now) down around the corner!! I don't think so!!! My hubby is NOT happy that I keep having to deal with this, and I will almost feel sorry for this company if the issue is not resolved before he gets home! I'm a little tired of it......I REALLY feel like it's because I'm a woman who "doesn't know any better". Grrrrrrr!! Any suggestions? Anyone know a Maytag man? *sigh!*

Have I told you lately, I MISS MY HUSBAND!!!

"The War on Fathers"

This is a WONDERFUL article by David Kupelian (don't worry, I'd never heard of him before either). This, truly, is my thinking and what makes my marriage work no matter what. I encourage you to take the time to read this whole article (it is quite long, but well worth the time!!) and pray you'll be blessed by it!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The difference between guys and gals

Don't panic! Nothing anatomical will be mentioned here...

Before my Beloved left, our dishwasher broke; however, with getting dh ready to head out, we put off getting it fixed. Fortunately we had purchased a home warranty when we bought the house. The warranty ended July 19th, so, 2 weeks before that, I called the home warranty people to arrange a repair or replacement for the dishwasher. They called Sears and set up an appointment, the man came out, began telling me I needed a motor and those could be expensive and I said, "Well, it's good it's covered by ____." Which caused the man to stop short and say, "It is? Cuz we don't have that down." So he quickly left to get that straightened out and said he would get a new motor sent out. He did get that straightened out, I paid him our deductible, the new motor came to our house....and a different repairman came to install it. Now, the first repairman was very nice, talked to the kids, had dog treats for Suzi, just really nice guy. Repairman #2 however.....I dunno......he wasn't flat out obnoxious, but he wasn't nice either. The kids would say something and he'd ignore them. I thought, okay, not a kid guy. Then I noticed he was ignoring anything I said as well unless it was in response to a question he asked. Then he starts muttering that "it figures, this motor doesn't work either." and when I question him about that, he says, "now you know how it goes with my job." Then he begins slamming things back into the dishwasher (so there are now 2 non-working motors in pieces in my dishwasher!) and after ordering a new spray arm and motor, he leaves. I look down on the receipt he handed me, and here is what it said in the Tech comments section: "Install new motor. Bearing is bad, locked up new motor. Order parts listed. Previous tech didn't allow time so I ain't either." (underlining is mine) What???? And Sears called him on the phone while he was here and he wasn't even speaking nicely to them!!! So, yes, I did complain, and waited for a new motor, and the day before my next install appointment they call, realize I still don't have the motor, THEN they realize that it's on back order. Now I'm really getting frustrated. Plus, they have not yet sent any info to the warranty company, so the warranty company has no idea what's needed and has no say in the repair. So, I called the warranty company. By this time I'm a month in a half into trying to get my dishwasher working. So I talk to a lady at the warranty company; tell her this whole story; and she's becoming more and more disgusted with it too. She hangs up to talk to a manager, then calls back to let me know that they've cancelled the whole thing through Sears and someone from the warranty group will be coming out to look at everything and then I can go pick out a new dishwasher!! Yay!!!!!

Now why did I say all that under this post heading??? Cuz if my DH had been here, the whole thing would have been said and done in 2 weeks, tops! Guys are cut-to-the-chase, get-it-done, kind of guys. Today a friend and I were commenting about how often women say that men are shallow.....but ya know, maybe God made them that way on purpose. Women are deep, and don't want to hurt others, or want to really destroy their lives....their full of emotion. Guys don't have emotions over things like that. "Oh, huh, the dishwasher's broken." "Hi.....yes.......I need you to come fix my, that won't work.........well, no, not that either.......okay, yes, that works for us. It needs such and such a part and you need to check out this." The repairman comes, maybe tries a little song-and-dance, hubby says, "I don't think so! Do this." The job gets done, everyone's happy and moves on. See??

Golly, I sure miss my hubby....and I think he helps curb some of this rambling too!! :) Thanks for reading anyway! Hee hee!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's getting closer to my sweetie's return!

Last night it was MY turn to dream that my darling husband had come home (yes, each of the kids have had that dream already). It was wonderful! But.....I have things I want to do before he comes home! I'm aiming for the end of October as his return date (give or take a few days) and I have stuff to do!!! Check it out:

  • Remove the wallpaper from the upstairs bathroom (upper half only, lower half is pink tile) and then paint it. Today I picked up chemical and tools to get the paper off. I'll go back to pick up paint once I decide on a color.
  • Strip and paint the dresser I bought (second hand) for my daughter. The colors, of course, will be pinks! I also want to make a canopy tent for her to hang in her room (I have all the supplies for that, just have to do it). Today I picked up paint stripper and tools to do that job. I'll go back to pick up colors when I get the bathroom paint.
  • Create a "haven" out of our bedroom...our own private spot. To do that I am going to need to move the exercise bike out, find a chair or loveseat for the corner, move a mirror in, and.......make a denim quilt!! (I have had that planned since before dh left!)

Along with all that, I still have the normal stuff to do....we'll start homeschooling again after Labor Day, and I bought a dehydrator so I'm drying food for the winter, and....well....all that Mom stuff that I need to do! Whew!! Think I can get it done in 76 days (give or take a few)?