Sunday, April 24, 2011

I still stand amazed!!!

The kids and I went with Big D’s new friend, Chris, and his wife Heather to their church this Sunday as Glenn had to run the soundboard at the chapel.  The services was really nice, great worship music, good sermon and such, but at the end, they did a baptism.  They had 6 people come to the front who had requested to be baptized, however they also invited anyone else who wanted to be baptized.  A guy came forward and while the other baptisms were happening, he was talking and praying with the guy….turns out the guy had just during that service accepted Christ!  And he wasn’t the only one to come forward!  When all was said and done, I think there were at LEAST 20 people who got baptized, some brand new believers, some had believed but hadn’t yet been baptized.  A young girl of about 12 came forward to be baptized and I kept staring at her as I thought she looked familiar, then another slightly older girl came up to her after she was baptized and I KNEW I KNEW these girls (the older sister then got baptized as well).  These 2 girls and their Dad had attended New Harvest church (our old church that had closed) with us!!  They’ve got kind of a hard life, but the Dad really tries to live right.  And they were there!!!  And they were baptized on a Sunday that we were at the same church!!!!  Just blew my mind how God works even in the littlest things like that!!  And then, as we were leaving, another newly baptized new believer was walking out ahead of us, and I commented, “Wow, look at that smile!”  and he turned and looked at me and said, “I haven’t smiled in a long time either!”  I told him that smile was truly the most beautiful Easter smile I’d seen!  I am just amazed and astounded!!  Also there was a Dad standing up front watching with 2 little girls (looked about 5 or 6 years old) and their Mom was one of the original people to be baptized, and when it was her turn, those little girls were jumping and dancing, and squealing, and I just KNOW they were just a small picture of what it was like up in heaven this morning as new souls entered the kingdom!!!  Oh so very, very good!!!!!!!!!