Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yesterday was a cold, rainy day....with even a bit of snow falling (and apparently some places near here actually had snow pile up on the ground). In the midst of the cold, wet snow I had to run out and cover my tomatoes. Brrrrrrrr!! Was thankful for my sweatshirt hoodie and toasty warm, hand knit socks!!
So today, waking to sunshine, made me smile. There was nothing I could do about yesterday's weather, so why worry about it? Spring is here, summer's coming, just keep going, ya know? That's life in general....we know what's coming, so why freak out over the little things we can't change and that, perhaps aren't what we think we are wanting right now. A verse that I love and that has been coming to mind a lot lately is Romans 8:28..."God works ALL things to the GOOD of those who love Him and are called by His name." Thunderstorms, snowstorms....oh the nutrients flood into my garden. Trials and tribulations.....oh the refining that occurs in my soul. Truly, my soul thirsts for the Lord in the dry and dusty places, and I know, yes, I KNOW He's got me.

Thank You, Lord, for the sunshine today, and for laundry snapping on the line, and for always knowing what is the very best for me! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

life changes AGAIN

Whew! Been a while since I posted. We've been going through lots of stuff here. Hubby has not been feeling well for a long time and finally found a doctor that asked the right questions so that we've discovered that hubby has (possibly, still waiting on official diagnosis) partial urea deficiency. Basically, he is unable to process protein, so he gets a build up of ammonia in his system. He's missing some enzyme that breaks the protein down. So we've so far learned that he needs a low protein diet (we're guessing it should be around 25g per day). When his ammonia levels are up he becomes very fuzzy headed, lethargic, tired, etc. And visually, I notice his skin gets red and blotchy and his eyes get red rimmed. He is tired all the time and the slightest thing wipes him out. He replaced the seal on the bathroom toilet and ripped up just a small part of the floor (toilet was leaking) and he had to take an hour long nap after that (and he was out cold). He's still working full weeks, but says it's so hard to think clearly, so he's really struggling, which cause stress, which triggers the ammonia thing, which.....yeah, you get the picture. He did have a biopsy done, however the specialist didn't bother reading over the paperwork that the doctor sent over, so she assumed she was simply testing him for cehrosis of the liver/alcoholism, and was pleased to report that his test was negative. When he asked for what and she said 'alcoholism', he was NOT a happy man! We've gone quite a long time waiting for a diagnosis and had hoped that this biopsy would get us there quickly, and she flubbed it all as she didn't read the doctor notes. Ah, such fun. And so, the unknown continues and we are doing our best to cope. Interesting learning a whole new way of cooking! Whew!

Well, this is so short after such a long while, but kids need help with school. Will try to post again MUCH sooner!
God bless!