Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Well, you asked for it, so here it is, picture of us heading off to the ball (after dropping kids off for an overnight at Kara's....thanks Kara!!!!!!!!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cinderella and the ball

Well, I have never ever been to a ball (military or prom type). I've always wished I could go, but never really thought I would.....until now. Chaplain Wright called and left a message for ME asking if we would be going to this year's Air Force Ball. That was the first I had heard of it, and he was waiting for an answer! I asked for details, and then next thing I know, we're going!! Woohoo!! Except then I started really reading the details.....evening gown? And further digging said that hairstyling and manicures were also a "must". Yikes!! And I don't know about Cinderella, but trying to find a pretty size 11 dress shoe, not too high heeled, but still elegant, and in gold......yeah, talk about a challenge (though if you find yourself in this predicament and have to order them online, go to , they even had free overnight shipping!!!) So I bought a really pretty chocolate brown dress, and these shoes and a bag similar to this one (I didn't even think about needing a small bag that matched my shoes! that's what friends are think of all those mundane things). I also bought earrings and a bracelet, fake nails (and even toe nails) so I can pretend, just for the evening, that I'm a princess rather than the gardener!! Hee hee!! I even bought the Pink Princess her own set of fake nails....she's beside herself with excitement over all of this. The ball is this Friday....2 days away!! (which explains why I am typing this at midnight.....can't sleep as my brain is racing!) A friend is coming over Friday to trim my hair and style it (half up, half down....gotta let the curls fly free, even just a bit!)

And yes, I will get pictures, have NO fear!!

Note too that I didn't include all of my Prince Charming's attire....yeah, Air Force ball= Air Force blues (or Mess Dress if you have them....he doesn't). Nice and simple, but OH so handsome!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yay Mrs. Palin!!

I am SO not politically minded. My hubby has to explain it all to me in watered down terms so that I get it, but this (see above), THIS I understand!! This is a picture of Mrs. Palin hard at work in Alaska, with baby Trig right there with her!!! And Baby Trig....what a statement he is as well!! This is a Mom.....we have a lot in common, her and I (thankfully running for office is NOT one of them......she can do that, I'll write blogs. Heh heh!!) Anyway, like I said, I am not politically minded, so instead I am going to give you some links to go check out.

Should Mothers Be Vice Presidents

Poweful Witness

What Do I Think (I didn't write this, but I so agree!!)

And, bashing of others for ones own gain does tick me off, but I also read this article about Obama and was truly shocked and apalled....again, I know nothing about politics, (though I do have my own personal opinions about abortions and other issues) so I had never heard of BAIPA, but wow! Why Jesus Would Not Vote for Barack Obama

Okay, there's my thoughts. Remember that all comments are moderated! 'Nuff said!