Monday, July 14, 2008

Trying to be "green"

Okay, the whole "tree hugger" thing comes to mind when I think of "being green".....well, no, that's not the only thing that comes to mind. I also think of my favorite celebrity and his #1 hit....

Okay, sorry, seriously....I'm trying to "go green" know, becoming a bit more environmentally friendly. No, I'm not gonna go crazy with it, but I think every little bit helps. That, along with the fact that prices on EVERYTHING seems to be going up ridiculously fast. So, my recent "green moment"......picking choke cherries off a tree at the base library. FREE......FOOD. Those are words I like to see together! So my friend K. and I and the Pink Princess went and picked. Yes, people thought we were crazy.....except for my friend, the head librarian, who was so happy that she wouldn't be stepping on cherries next week because they're being picked. So we got quite a few! Nice!! And no, we weren't totally sure what we'd do with them, but again, FREE.....FOOD. Leave it to me, I'll figure out what to do with it!! (Okay, I have to confess there was one thing that I couldn't even bother to try......somehow I ended up with a can of sardines in tomato sauce!!! That is just wrong in my mind!! So I had a very "un-green" moment and I just chucked that! Ewww!! Sorry if you could have used it.) Oh yeah, back to the cherries......the cherries that just sit there year after year until they just fall off the tree and get squished on people's shoes......yeah, those. I'm putting them to good use! I have this thing about store bought syrup (you know, the fake maple kind) with it's TONS of corn syrup. So I'm making cherry syrup! Yes, still has a good amount of sugar in it, but basically it's cherries, sugar and water....I can handle that! And next I'm going to make some cherry jelly as requested by the Pink Princesses request (she's a PBJ fiend!)

So here's some of the cherries for your viewing pleasure!

Important note added 7/16....we have decided that these are actually plums! Cherry plums. Who knew! :)

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MaryLu said...

We once picked crabapples from the post cemetery at Fort Leavenworth Kansas, we made crab apple jelly. It was so good! The crabapples were large and sweet, unlike any others in the area at that time.
We always would joke that dead people made good fertilizer!!
Isn't that sacreligious!? (Gasp)
But, I'm with ya about the FREE FOOD thing!
You make me laugh!
Oh, by the way, my DH would have eaten that can of sardines for you! Ha ha!