Tuesday, December 2, 2008


If you're like me in your thinking....you're thinking this little acronym is wa-a-a-a-ay over-used. Well, while that is true, it has taken on new meaning in my life. Our Pastor recently read the book, In His Steps . Now, I read this book once, long ago, and thought how neat it would be to try this out.....however, did I? No. Well, Pastor Henry challenged our church to commit to living this way for one year, asking first in all decisions, what would Jesus do? So, I committed to it. And boy, it seems like such a simple thing, but there is a cost. That cost is different for each person, but I think that it reflects where your heart is. That was hard for me to take in. I'm a people pleaser, life's just easier that way. Well, God is seeking God pleasers, rather than people pleasers....and so, the cost for me has been that there are people who are not happy with me. And boy is it difficult sometimes not to jump up and try to take back the things that I said even though I know that they needed to be said, that they were the truth, and that I had been lying by not saying anything before.....and to take it all back would be to pick up that lie again.....not something Jesus would do. Ouch!

This last week, with Thanksgiving here, we had family come for 4 days. Looking back on it now, I can see that I went into survival mode.....I got by, said and did what I felt would keep the peace....again, not something Jesus would do I don't think. In church on Sunday morning, I was so happy to be around friends who I knew cared about me no matter what. I was relieved to not have to be in survival mode.....and that's when God let me know that Jesus NEVER operated out of survival mode. To operate out of survival mode is to not be willing to die to self. Instead it's a protection of self above all else. Nope, not something Jesus would do. Surviving was NOT one of the things Jesus set out to do....rather, He was willing to pay the price no matter what. Wow, lots to think on there!

So, this is definitely a challenge in my life! A moment by moment thing, because WOW! that is NOT the norm for me.


Chuck said...

Hi Amy,

I read your blog with interest, as I am an actor who does a one-man drama of the book In His Steps, and have been since 1984. You can check out my work at www.mastersimage.com and view a trailer of my drama there. I am wondering if your church might be interested in booking me to come and perform this for your congregation. Thoughts?

Chuck Neighbors

Ms. Uptegraft said...

Amy-I missed seeing your musings, pics, and thoughts. we did a WWJD project in my youth group after I joined the church when I was a Sr in high school and it changed my life. I realized after being in youth group for 2 yrs & being baptized @ 17, I had to forgive my mother for all the misunderstandings, mis-treatments, etc...boy, did my senior year go better...until that summer.

please send my love to your family - the boys LOOK so big! I'd love to touch base on the phone..I'll get your # from Beck. Take care, agape, Fleur