Sunday, July 19, 2009

My praise list

I love my DH because
· He is very strong
· He is very smart
· He is creative
· He is always seeking to do what’s best for our family
· He is a strong Christian
· He is playful
· We laugh together
· He is my best friend
· He loves my heart
· He is a man of integrity
· He is growing more and more to be the best Dad and husband a man can be
I love my children because
· They love life
· They play well together most of the time
· They care for others
· They laugh a lot
· They love to make up stories
· They love to put on shows for me
· They think their Dad and I are the best
· They are CERTAIN they’re Daddy is a superhero (I am certain of that too!)
· They love God and He is an integral part of their lives
· They love to snuggle with me
· They’re beautiful
· They’re imaginative
I love to be a mom because:
· I can watch my kids grow up
· I can teach my kids new things
· I can tell my kids stories of when I was growing up
· I appreciate how much my Mom and Dad cared for me
I love my parents because:
· They shaped who I am today
· They still think of me as their little girl
· They are proud of who I am today
· They listen to whatever I have to say
· My Mom says, “I’m sorry you don’t feel to big.” When I am sick (don’t ask why, it just makes me feel good!)
· They put up with a lot from me (and my siblings) and still stuck by us
· They love to laugh
· They taught me to garden
· They taught me to appreciate the simple life
· They taught me to be independent
· They taught me to be flexible
· They taught me to be creative

I love my friends because:
· They are the spices in my life, and together we make something wonderful
· God knows exactly the kind of friends that I need and why, and places them in my life
· I carry a part of each and every friend within me and that shapes me
· They fill in some of the details of life I might otherwise never know about
· They challenge and encourage me
· They put up with me
· They understand me and my quirkiness
I love my home because:
· It has storage
· It is twice the size of my last house
· It has an upstairs and downstairs
· Glenn fixes it to meet our family’s needs
· It is in a fairly nice area (well, I think so anyway, I don’t mind being on a one-way street)
· We have nice neighbors
· It is a sturdy, well built house
I love the person that God made me to be because:
· I am a generally happy person
· I love having curly hair
· I have a sense of humor
· I am creative
· I enjoy being with my children

I absolutely, totally love God because He is I AM which is all that I need!!

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