Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yesterday was a cold, rainy day....with even a bit of snow falling (and apparently some places near here actually had snow pile up on the ground). In the midst of the cold, wet snow I had to run out and cover my tomatoes. Brrrrrrrr!! Was thankful for my sweatshirt hoodie and toasty warm, hand knit socks!!
So today, waking to sunshine, made me smile. There was nothing I could do about yesterday's weather, so why worry about it? Spring is here, summer's coming, just keep going, ya know? That's life in general....we know what's coming, so why freak out over the little things we can't change and that, perhaps aren't what we think we are wanting right now. A verse that I love and that has been coming to mind a lot lately is Romans 8:28..."God works ALL things to the GOOD of those who love Him and are called by His name." Thunderstorms, snowstorms....oh the nutrients flood into my garden. Trials and tribulations.....oh the refining that occurs in my soul. Truly, my soul thirsts for the Lord in the dry and dusty places, and I know, yes, I KNOW He's got me.

Thank You, Lord, for the sunshine today, and for laundry snapping on the line, and for always knowing what is the very best for me! :)

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