Thursday, April 10, 2008

For my brother

A while back I mentioned that someone near and dear to me was in serious trouble Well, that someone is my younger (and only) brother. And a week ago he was incarcerated until his sentencing in July. Hard stuff, and my brother admits to doing wrong (I won't share specifics, but suffice it to say he really did wrong). But in this God is doing AMAZING things!! My brother chose to accept responsibility for his actions rather than throwing blame, and he has worked so very hard to do all he can for those he hurt (his wife and kids and extended family). What he did was muck and mire, and yet God is lifting him up out of that. I am all the way across the country from him, as are my 2 sisters, so it is only my parents there to walk through this with him, but even in them I am seeing God shining. I am amazed! I thought my miracle with my husband was amazing, and yet, here we go again, I'm witnessing another incredible, seemingly impossible miracle. Wow!!!

So, this song, I had to post it because shortly after I heard that my brother was behind bars I was overwhelmed with this song and the lyrics to it. I am singing it ALL the time, in praise for our AWESOME God who can work beautiful things out of the muck and mire (Romans 8:28.....woohoo!!)


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Smirking Cat said...

A friend of mine sent me a link to your blog. My boyfriend has been in jail since April, and I felt my world was falling apart for months. I felt scared and mentally mangled. But I have seen changes in my boyfriend, and in myself, I didn't think were possible. He has accepted responsibility, helped others, refused to give in to pressure, and stood up for what is right in the midst of so much wrong. He is coming home next month, and I never expected to feel like we will be reunited in better spiritual and emotional shape than we were before all of this pain.

The best thing we did was decide right away that all of this must have some meaning, and to search for lessons and ways to grow through it all.