Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuscan Chicken

I had to make out my grocery list and menu yesterday, so decided to use some of the links in my sidebar to come up with some good ideas. My friend Ashley is a great cook so I visited her recipe blog and discovered Tuscan Chicken. You really need to give it a try, it is delicious!!! Thanks Ashley! Made me think I was in the south again! Hee hee!!

For dessert we had strawberry shortcake and I got this great idea to make cupcakes out of yellow cake mix. It was WONDERFUL! Seemed lighter than using sweet biscuits. Beloved Hubby and I had that for breakfast too! Shhhhhh!! Don't tell the kids!!! :)


mammarobbins said...

I was just looking for a chicken recipe for tonight...I was going to do Parmesan chicken, but I think I'll try this instead. Thanks for the new recipe, I am starting to keep a list of our favorites to plan from, I'll email you a copy of my list so you can add to your repertoire too.

Amy J said...

Oh yes, please send me your list. We really should put together a family cookbook.....someday! :) Be sure to go check Ashley's Cafe blog (link in side bar) as Ashley has lots of great recipes (she's a Pampered Chef lady now)

Love ya!
EFG (that'll get 'em wonderin'!!)

mammarobbins said...

ooooo it was delicious! we all loved it, definitely going to add it into our rotation. thanks

Ashley said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Glad you liked the Tuscan Chicken! It's one of our favorites. Actually the basic recipe came on the side of McCormick One-Step Seasonings Italian Herb, but I tweaked it some. I haven't been able to find that seasoning in well over a year. Either they quit making it, or Wal-Mart quit carrying it. I use Pampered Chef Italian Seasoning Mix instead.

I've been thinking about doing a family cookbook, too. I thought it would make a nice Christmas gift to give to everyone. Now to just do it... :o) I think that's why I like my recipe blog idea better - it's just easier! Now to update it!

Anonymous said...

Your secret is safe with me!