Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cinderella and the ball

Well, I have never ever been to a ball (military or prom type). I've always wished I could go, but never really thought I would.....until now. Chaplain Wright called and left a message for ME asking if we would be going to this year's Air Force Ball. That was the first I had heard of it, and he was waiting for an answer! I asked for details, and then next thing I know, we're going!! Woohoo!! Except then I started really reading the details.....evening gown? And further digging said that hairstyling and manicures were also a "must". Yikes!! And I don't know about Cinderella, but trying to find a pretty size 11 dress shoe, not too high heeled, but still elegant, and in gold......yeah, talk about a challenge (though if you find yourself in this predicament and have to order them online, go to , they even had free overnight shipping!!!) So I bought a really pretty chocolate brown dress, and these shoes and a bag similar to this one (I didn't even think about needing a small bag that matched my shoes! that's what friends are think of all those mundane things). I also bought earrings and a bracelet, fake nails (and even toe nails) so I can pretend, just for the evening, that I'm a princess rather than the gardener!! Hee hee!! I even bought the Pink Princess her own set of fake nails....she's beside herself with excitement over all of this. The ball is this Friday....2 days away!! (which explains why I am typing this at midnight.....can't sleep as my brain is racing!) A friend is coming over Friday to trim my hair and style it (half up, half down....gotta let the curls fly free, even just a bit!)

And yes, I will get pictures, have NO fear!!

Note too that I didn't include all of my Prince Charming's attire....yeah, Air Force ball= Air Force blues (or Mess Dress if you have them....he doesn't). Nice and simple, but OH so handsome!!


Ashley said...

Oooh! I love the dress, shoes, and bag! You're going to look stunning at the ball - and don't worry about midnight!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures! Have fun! (Oh, what am I saying?!? You will!)

SomeOne said...

You are a Cinderella Princess whether draped in elegant chocolate satin, or covered in soil from harvesting your garden. You should know this by now!