Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yay Mrs. Palin!!

I am SO not politically minded. My hubby has to explain it all to me in watered down terms so that I get it, but this (see above), THIS I understand!! This is a picture of Mrs. Palin hard at work in Alaska, with baby Trig right there with her!!! And Baby Trig....what a statement he is as well!! This is a Mom.....we have a lot in common, her and I (thankfully running for office is NOT one of them......she can do that, I'll write blogs. Heh heh!!) Anyway, like I said, I am not politically minded, so instead I am going to give you some links to go check out.

Should Mothers Be Vice Presidents

Poweful Witness

What Do I Think (I didn't write this, but I so agree!!)

And, bashing of others for ones own gain does tick me off, but I also read this article about Obama and was truly shocked and apalled....again, I know nothing about politics, (though I do have my own personal opinions about abortions and other issues) so I had never heard of BAIPA, but wow! Why Jesus Would Not Vote for Barack Obama

Okay, there's my thoughts. Remember that all comments are moderated! 'Nuff said!

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Ashley said...

Yes, I'm a big fan of Sarah Palin. Like you, I'm not political-minded. It bores me, and I get sick of all the name-calling and back-stabbing. But Sarah Palin is someone I can be proud of! Go McCain/Palin '08!