Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I thought I posted this!

I thought that I had posted this here after posting it at our church's website. I wrote this on January 4th after DH (Dear Husband) was chosen to be an elder and governing board member at our church (and I was chosen secretary).

I just went back in my journals to find a specific entry that God reminded me of (about took my breath away, is more like it) yesterday(that would be Jan. 3). The entry is from August of 2002, and I was studying in 1 Timothy about women. Here it is:
Referring to wives of bishops and deacons:
1 Timothy 3:11 “In the same way, their wives are to be women worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything.”
· Wives are in tandem with husbands
· We should not wait until our husbands are in prominent positions before we change.
· If this is the way we (as wives) try to live every day, then we are not in any way hindering our husbands but rather supporting them and living as if they are in prominent positions

And I didn’t write it down then, but I remember thinking that by living in this way, I was leaving God room to do whatever He wanted to do in my husband’s life. At this time, DH was still a diesel mechanic, we were in our first year of his migraines so we didn’t know what was happening (didn’t know they were migraines) and he was very sick and irritable. When I read that verse, I actually kind of scoffed. Hubby was NOT the type to be getting that involved in church

Now we fast forward to yesterday...a few days ago Hubby was asked to be on the governing board. We didn’t know exactly what that entailed, but DH said yes, he would be willing to help out like that. Then yesterday as we were sitting in church, after the Pastor had introduced the new governing board members, he said that with lots of prayer, he had selected the elders…..and MY DH WAS ONE OF THEM!!!! (He later said he was just as shocked as I was, he just thought he’d be on the governing board) I sat there in my seat rather in shocked and it was then that God called to mind that verse and the study I had done of it so many years ago, and in my heart I knew that God had begun a work in DH way back then!

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Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Oh Wonderful! Too true, how many times have we had "A Ha" moments. Where we realize God was indeed working when we didn't even consider it! Awesome!!