Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They're Singing our Song

I haven't been good about getting into the Word lately, so this morning as I sat in my chair sipping coffee and grabbing my Bible, I thought, "WHAT am I going to study?" I didn't even know where to start, until God reminded me that I simply needed to invite Him to this time and He would meet me. I did, and He did, and I need to share this...

Song of Solomon 2:2-3
But Solomon replied, Like the lily among thorns, so are you my love, among daughters. Like an apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved (shepherd) among the sons [cried the girl]! Under his shadow I delighted to sit, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

I did the boy-girl thing with the colors, pink & blue, so you'd know what gender was talking, it's important.

Taking this with a view of the marriage relationship and submission

The woman:

  • soft among the sharpness
  • a joy to look upon
  • stands out from the rest as totally a different sort
  • provides a sweet fragrance rather than sharpness and pain

The man:

  • stands out among men as being different
  • is fruitful
  • is a source of delight
  • is strong
  • is manly, but also, in that role, he is a provider
  • is known for the fruit he bares in life

The woman's relationship to the man:

She delights to be in his shadow because

  • he is at the forefront
  • she stays in his protection
  • he is the one in the light although she is right there with him
  • this is her place, a place she is secure and can find rest

She delights in his fruit

  • she acknowledges his accomplishments
  • she rejoices and delights in the fruit of his labor
  • she simply enjoys ~ she doesn't brag or sell or save up, she simply remains with him delighting in him, in the fruit that is evident in his life.

Now, I know there are all kinds of more intimate connotations in this book, but these are the verses that my eyes fell upon, and I was immediately struck by the picture drawn of the marriage relationship, of the wife's submission. This is an incredible picture to me!! I can so see my hubby as an apple tree, seemingly indifferent to the little details happening around him (that's my job as I sit in his shadow) but protecting and providing and being a strong presence. And as I said, as I sit in the shadow of him, I can tend to the little things that come up. I love this!!!!

Thank You, Abba, for this beautiful picture of submission and the marriage relationship! Thank You for my dear, sweet husband, that he is strong and manly and a wonderful provider and protector. Help me to truly find delight in him all the days of our life together. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN!

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rani said...

Thank you so much for writing that post. I like the way you wrote out what it means to each gender.