Friday, February 12, 2010

Me and Wii

Well, today was day 12 with my WFP (Wii Fit Plus). I've missed 2 days, although on one of those days I was quite busy altering a sewing pattern, pinning, cutting, etc for over 3 hours....lots of standing, some sitting....if I counted that as light housework, I burned about 716 calories. And I did that twice, so that was good. There was one day that I just didn't do the it at all; I woke up with a gross headache and a mean, nasty attitude, and so mostly avoided everything. Anyway, you'll notice on the sidebar (and, bravely, on my facebook page) that I've posted a ticker on my weight loss. The only thing I'm doing differently than before was spending time on WFP....and usually it's only about 1/2 an hour (though trust me, I sweat). Sometimes I do a yoga and strength training routine and other times I just play games. I decided, for now, I'm just doing what I enjoy doing on there. The routine, I do in the morning, to stretch my back and get all the creaks out from sleeping. :)
I am so thankful that God hasn't given up on me, despite the fact that I sometimes give up on me. I am thankful that He gently called me to try again, and that He provided a way for me to do this. So, anxious to see what comes about from all of this. I am feeling better, my posture has improved, as has my attitude. I am doing this with a changed mindset, and I thank God for that!

So, here we go!


B said...

You go girl!! One day at a time... Today was my 8 week marker of not missing a day (M-F)!! You can do it! Just get past the first month and the rest is gravy, baby.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! I don't know where to begin but hope this place will be useful for me.
Hope to get some help from you if I will have any quesitons.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

Ellen said...

Hello! I followed you here from Ravelry! I've been tracking my weight and exercise via

It's free and if you don't mind being on the computer, it's pretty easy to use. Hope it helps you! I'm Humbledaisy there as well.

Lots of good recipes and resources for special diets and health issues.

Amy J said...

Hi Ellen! Glad you found me! Being summer, I haven't really used the Wii all that much, but I do need to get back into it. I did do Sparks for a while, but got too wrapped up in the computer (plus my kids need it for their homeschooling too). :)