Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Wash Cycle

We are doing some remodeling in our basement.  It wasn't supposed to be the huge project it has turned out to be.  I wasn't supposed to be living in a home with no running water for more than a week (I think it's been 1 1/2 weeks so far, and I'm pretty sure I'll have at least another week and half more)  We flush the toilet with secondary water (for those not from this area, that is the water we use to water our gardens and yard, it comes directly from a lake, and is not filtered at all, oftentimes, when I turn on the spigot, the water resembles coffee!  NOT potable at ALL!) and we get culinary water (the water for showering, washing dishes, drinking, cooking, etc) from our next door neighbor (filling 2 6-gallon water jugs a couple times a day).  We're doing fine like this as long as I remember to keep my eyes focused on GOD who is my STRENGTH.  When I think too hard about it, or think "rationally" (or worldly?) about it, that's when I start freaking out.  SO, ANYWAY.....last Friday I finally took several loads of laundry to a nearby laundromat.  Haven't been to one in years, I think the last time was in Louisiana!  I'm taking a writing class at church on Saturdays and was given a little notebook to write thoughts, ideas, etc that I might want to write about.  As I sat in the laundromat, I started thinking about the sounds there.  I jotted down a little.....poem?.....note....something.  A jot!  :D  And later transcribed it to my writing notebook with some other thoughts about it.  So here it is:

In the challenge of being waterless, while doing laundry at a nearby laundromat...
Sitting in the laundromat
The thundering sound of clean
   ringing in my ears.
Waiting, watching,
Listening to life at the basic level...
   ...clean laundry!

How does this writing glorify God (one of the goals of the class I'm taking)?  Being thankful for all things!  In the midst of challenging times, we can always find things to be thankful for!

Thank you, Abba, for blessing me with Glenn as my SuperHero husband.  He is such a hard worker and really works hard to make a good life and place to live for his family.  Abba, thank you for giving me the strength and compassion to be his helpmeet, to support him even when the rest of the world looks in and thinks we're crazy.  That's okay, because it's You that matters, not the rest of the world, and You've given me this ministry to be Glenn's helpmeet, to encourage and support him, to help him and love him, and when times get challenging You breathe strength and endurance and wisdom into me that I might continue to bless this man, this SuperHero, this son of Yours that You've given me.  Holy Spirit, continue to keep my eyes focused on kingdom things!  In Jesus' name!  Amen! and Amen!

PS Never knew how much I'd truly come to appreciate this propane heated camp shower we bought for camping a few years back!!  :D 

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