Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lesson learned

Wisdom! I was not praying for wisdom for this dear husband of mine! I just expected him to get it all done...he knew what had to be done, so just do it! What was I thinking?? This man is not only getting his home/family in order, but also his job here, AND his deployment. Now I'm thinking, how did he keep it straight for as long as he has??

A day or so after that last post, rather than things getting better, they seemed to me that they were getting worse! I was in a near state of panic. I went to the library to email some dear friends to pray! I didn't even, then, know exactly what to pray for, but I knew we were in a battle. Shortly after that is when I realized what my prayer needed to man needed God's wisdom in all of this. Now, from someone outside looking in, things may still seem to be pretty chaotic...but here inside...God has settled His peace on our home. Philippians 4:13:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength. I am about a week overdue on grocery shopping, but we're making it! I've been able to get very creative with our meals (you can include Master Chef in God's resume, I believe!) and though the larder looks bare, we're doing okay! It is actually rather amazing to me!

Which reminds me....and fits in perfectly with this....did you check out last Sunday's sermon by Pastor Steve? Here's the link, because you REALLY need to hear it! A Living Hope

Count your blessings!

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