Friday, August 31, 2007

Update on the stupid dishwasher

Okay, yes, I said "stupid"....and no, you won't find that brand in any store.....but I'm a little tired of this whole mess!! Yes, I am still working on this! (see this post if you don't know what I'm referring to) It has been over 2 months now, and still I am standing beside a broken dishwasher washing loads of dishes by hand (yes, I know there are many homes without dishwashers, but think of the sting of standing beside one, and performing its task!!) So....

Now they have decided that the home warranty company themselves will simply replace my dishwasher (because of all the hassle thus far)....except that I had to call them again to see what was happening with that as I hadn't heard anything from them for a week and a half! So then they called and told me to go online and checkout this one specific dishwasher that they were proposing. It's like one of the cheapest GE ones!!!! And ours is a Maytag, and was top of the line (I'm sure) when it was purchased, though now it is old enough that they can't even pull up the model number (or so they say). So I called and told them I didn't like the one they picked out, guessed it.....I'm on another merry-go-round! Now they're saying either I take the one they proposed or take a "cash out". Online, the one they proposed is $264, but if I take the cashout, I get their price which is $170!!! The only dishwasher I've seen for $170 is the one sitting out on the sidewalk (for 3 weeks now) down around the corner!! I don't think so!!! My hubby is NOT happy that I keep having to deal with this, and I will almost feel sorry for this company if the issue is not resolved before he gets home! I'm a little tired of it......I REALLY feel like it's because I'm a woman who "doesn't know any better". Grrrrrrr!! Any suggestions? Anyone know a Maytag man? *sigh!*

Have I told you lately, I MISS MY HUSBAND!!!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there sister. Hubby will be home soon. I almost relish in the fact that he will set them straight if that dishwasher isn't going. Until then remember you actually have THREE dishwashers in the house, THE CHILDREN.

Love, Pegi

Ashley said...

I think I saw the Maytag man fixing a copy machine at Copy Max the other day... :o)

I'm sorry you're so frustrated! I hope your dishwasher issues are settled soon. We're waiting to hear back from our leasing agent about getting a few things on our dishwasher fixed. She even mentioned the possibility of getting a new dishwasher, but I'm sure it's the same cheap model you've been instructed to look at. (I may need to call her to remind her. I haven't heard back from her on this in about 2 weeks!)

May Glenn's return home be safe and speedy so he can get this business over with!