Friday, August 17, 2007

It's getting closer to my sweetie's return!

Last night it was MY turn to dream that my darling husband had come home (yes, each of the kids have had that dream already). It was wonderful! But.....I have things I want to do before he comes home! I'm aiming for the end of October as his return date (give or take a few days) and I have stuff to do!!! Check it out:

  • Remove the wallpaper from the upstairs bathroom (upper half only, lower half is pink tile) and then paint it. Today I picked up chemical and tools to get the paper off. I'll go back to pick up paint once I decide on a color.
  • Strip and paint the dresser I bought (second hand) for my daughter. The colors, of course, will be pinks! I also want to make a canopy tent for her to hang in her room (I have all the supplies for that, just have to do it). Today I picked up paint stripper and tools to do that job. I'll go back to pick up colors when I get the bathroom paint.
  • Create a "haven" out of our bedroom...our own private spot. To do that I am going to need to move the exercise bike out, find a chair or loveseat for the corner, move a mirror in, and.......make a denim quilt!! (I have had that planned since before dh left!)

Along with all that, I still have the normal stuff to do....we'll start homeschooling again after Labor Day, and I bought a dehydrator so I'm drying food for the winter, and....well....all that Mom stuff that I need to do! Whew!! Think I can get it done in 76 days (give or take a few)?

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