Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the continuing saaaa-ga of a dishwasher gone bad...

Well, yesterday some GE guys brought over my new dishwasher. I should have been more concerned when one man carried the new one in over his shoulder using only one hand.....but I'm getting ahead of myself. Pulling out the old dishwasher, they discovered just how "inventive" the previous owner was. The wiring did not have any ground wire, and the connection to the water supply was with a gas connector (yeah, like I understood all that either!) so they put the dishwasher in place but they were not able to connect it to electricity OR water!! They told me how to fix the water situation (after a run to Home Depot) and then said I needed to get an electrician for the wiring. On the way to Home Depot I stopped by the church office and asked if there was someone who could help me out with the electrical. The secretary said that her husband could help me out. He came over on his way home and got it all wired up so I was able to wash dishes in my new dishwasher!! I should have been so very happy, but.....
  1. It was very loud when it ran...could be because unlike my old one, this one had NO insulation wrapped around it
  2. It clunked to each new cycle....loudly.....enough to wake you from sleeping
  3. It only had one spray arm and my old one had 2
  4. It had no delayed start and my old one had a choice of 3 different times
  5. It seemed much smaller

So I wasn't happy but thought, well, at least I have one. However, when I woke this morning, I still was not happy and then after talking to some friends that I really look up to, I took their advice and called the Warranty Company and told them that I was not happy with what I received. Well, after 2 hours on the phone, and me having to get kinda feisty (which is NOT how I am) and talking to the supervisor, here's what God provided....

The Warranty Group is cutting me a check for the price of the new dishwasher I picked out (an Amana) plus the cost of installation. I will then be responsible for getting it myself. Yay! And they do not want this dishwasher back!!! (how wasteful after all the stupidness I've been through) So I am able to bless my dear friend K with it! :) Whew!!!! Glad that is all over!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to tell my darling hubby!

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Ashley said...

I'm glad it's all working out for you! Do you feel empowered? Or just glad it's almost over with? :o)

I think it tells a lot about the quality of the "new" dishwasher when the warranty company is willing to pay for another one and doesn't want the first one back...

At least someone will be able to use it, though.

I still haven't heard anything back from our leasing agent about my dishwasher issues. I guess I need to call and remind her.

On another note, thank you for sending me the pizza crust recipe. It's great! I've made it several times and have passed the recipe along to many others who love it as well. I'm hoping to make the scones before too much longer.