Saturday, September 1, 2007

Something's Lacking

Revelation 2:2-4 (please click to read)

Immediately upon reading this, the thought came into my head....How could they [I] be so industrious and patiently enduring for the sake/glory of the Lord, yet lose their [my] first love?? Why, then, would they [I] be doing what they are [I am] doing if it's not done for love?? I'm struggling with this lately, can you tell??? So, as I sat there pondering, thoughts began pouring in and I quickly ran and grabbed my notebook (journaling is the way to go!!!) and wrote down these thoughts:
  • Things are done simply out of obligation rather than intense love
  • Looking at our marriage, I did the things I did simply because that's what I was supposed to do. Now, with all the miraculous healing in our marriage, I am eager to resume doing those things for my dh as an expression of my love for him.
  • Sometimes things become comfortable and somewhat automatic (we begin to take things for granted) causing us to lose our purpose, to lose that freshness of vision.

I hope I haven't completely lost you here. I just have kind of felt like I've been wandering on my own lately; I haven't even taken time alone with my Abba, I'm simply trying to get through each day. I finally realized that I was starving myself to death, not feasting on His word.....I was in emergency status! So I plopped down and just began reading. As always, God is faithful!!

Abba, Father-God, work this in my life. Open my eyes to again see that first love. Teach me to love more fully and passionately. In Christ's name...Amen!

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