Friday, October 5, 2007

Dishwasher deal is done!!!!

Today my new, new dishwasher was delivered! Yes!! It is a Bosch (and just so you know, I got it cheaper than what's listed at this site I linked). I was going to attempt to put it in myself because I have seen it done now and it seems fairly simple. But last night, my Superhero Hubby was chatting with me (email) and mentioned that he wanted to put a filter on the water line so that the rust and corrosion from the pipes won't damage the dishwasher. So he asked me to "wait a couple of weeks" for him to install it. Woohoo!!! I'll wait! Especially since it means the work will be done by my favorite plumber!! Hee hee!! And yes, it took over a week, but I DID get a check from the warranty company. We had to pay the difference, but considering this is a Bosch, I'm thinking the $150 more was worth it!! It was such a relief to get that dishwasher delivered! It's finally a done deal!! Let's see, it started in July.....hmmmm.....well, it's done!

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