Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We did it!!!!

We survived our first deployment!! Woohooo!!! Praise God He saw us through this....none of us could have done it without His mercy and grace each and every day!!!!!!!!! Plus LOTS of good friends that He set about us! :)

And yes, the quilt got done, thanks to loyal friend K, that came and helped me finish handstitching the binding!! Whaddya think?

And why, you now ask, am I on here at 8:17 in the morning instead of snuggling in this cozy nest? Well, the chapel staff told him he needed to report in (at 7:30 am) to get all of his paperwork out of the way (well, that does include reimbursements and other allotments) and then he's off to enjoy a month at home with us. Hoping that will be enough time to catch up on 7 months apart!! :) At least we got to enjoy a quiet morning together like we had before he left. Finally, someone to share coffee with!!! :) And yes, we had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast!!! Frozen, then thawed and rose overnight, to be cooked fresh this morning. Yum!! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you A.!!! I feel like my heart is going to burst!
Love ya both!

Ally said...


I'm so happy Glenn is back home and safe with ya. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!! Tell him my family says Thank you for what he did. Great job on the quilt looks awsome!


Ashley said...


I'm so glad to hear Glenn's back! I know you two have a lot to catch up on. Tell him Billy and I thank him for all he's doing, and we're keeping him (and your family) in our prayers.

I love the quilt!


Anonymous said...

Really glad to here G. is home and safe. Loved the picture of the quilt. I want to see the real thing. Both the quilt and the guy.
If you need anything please call. I'll keep tab on your through our K.