Tuesday, May 6, 2008

grocery bag

grocery bag, originally uploaded by jjlrdomom.

My friend K got me hooked on making reusable grocery bags out of recycled stuff (check out her blog for more ideas on this). This one, much loved by the Pink Princess, is made out of bandanas. Now I have to make myself another one as she has claimed this one. For more views, check out my Flickr page by clicking on either link under the picture.


beek said...

hey, do you remember the crocheted (sp?) beach bags that Auntie Jeanne used to make out of plastic grocery bags? your friend's crocheted bag reminded me of them. she doesn't make them anymore because it hurts her fingers. she sent me a regular one though that i use to hold our sand toys. (would love a grocery bag one though if you ever figure out how to do them...i think she said you knew how). they are nice 'cause you can put the toys in with wet yucky sand from the beach and shake it and the sand comes out and toys stay in.

Amy J said...

I do know how to make those. Do you get grocery bags in interesting colors? All I have now is white. But I do know how to make those. I have one made out of the old blue Walmart bags! Glad I saved those!! :) If you have interesting colors, save them for me and I'll make ya one.

MaryLu said...

Cute, cute!
My girls would confiscate mine too if I had one!