Tuesday, May 13, 2008

reusable grocery bag

reusable grocery bag, originally uploaded by jjlrdomom.

Thought I'd try making some different kinds of bags. For this one, the pattern was actually a plastic grocery bag, so this is the same style as that except that it's fabric and lined. I followed a great tutorial at Craftster. The stripey material is a top sheet that I bought at Saver's thrift store for $3.....a lot except that there was enough that I'll have 5 bags when I'm done! They're lined with some gauzy material that I had laying around (for years!)

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Rebecca said...

Very cute! I like your bandana bag too. :) I've been vey good lately (knock on wood!) about remembering to take my reuable bags to the store with me. Though my husband says now that we don't have plastic bags we need a new solution for doggie poopoo bags. Hmm. I wonder how he'll feel about toting a pooper scooper around the block? lol

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