Friday, July 29, 2011

wedding fun for my SIL

So I offered to make a doily covered ring bearer's pillow and a garter for my SIL's upcoming wedding.  I still have to put the pillow together, but I've finished 2 garters for her (one to throw, one to keep).
"Something Blue" is a knitted lace garter (pattern here)

Next I wanted to crochet a lacy garter, but couldn't find a free pattern that I liked, so I made up my own!
Springtime Lace Garter is a quick and simple crochet project.  (pattern here)

As soon as I get busy and finish up the ring bearer's pillow I will post those pictures as well!


Plum said...

Nice! I wish I had thought about knitting my own garter for my wedding, but the thought didn't cross my mind until today...only almost 6 years too late! ha!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work there. I really love it.