Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Back home again

Well, after a week's stay tending to my sister and her family, we made the trek back to our own home. Prayers are still needed for little sis; her arm is out of a cast, but it is still broken (called a "stable break") and stiff and painful. She has several good neighbors up there though, and I think they'll be watching out for her.

As to getting, it's nice to be back in familiar territory, though I thoroughly enjoyed my time with sis and her family. There's just something about your own space, ya know?

Well, I haven't talked much on the marriage relationship lately, and for good reason...I am stunned! God has begun a HUGE miracle in our marriage. I don't think I could put it into words even if I really wanted to (I'm enjoying savoring it with my sweet hubby!) When I first realized it was happening, I was so scared of the pain and hurt that would be dug up and exposed. However, I also knew that dh was praying for me and this was definitely the direction God has for us right now. So, through tears of release, I jumped into this "thing" (trust me, there is NO word to describe it) and am amazed, in awe, shocked beyond belief. And the best part, I am falling madly and desperately in love with my sweet man...and that is truly a gift from God. And better yet, my man is falling deeply and passionately in love with me...that is the most incredible gift I think I could ever receive and I know that can only be coming from the hand of our very gracious God. To Him alone will be all the glory that this marriage will shine forth.

How's that for tantalizing tidbit....sorry I can't say more, I really just am unable to. When and if God wills it, I will certainly share it with you as an encouragement of God's sovereignity!!!!

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