Thursday, February 14, 2008


...and it is my husband!!!!!!!!!! Things will start to fall into a routine around here, and then my Beloved Husband does something that again reminds me of the great miracle in our marriage!!!!!!!! (can you tell I'm excited? I know you're not supposed to use more than one '!', but I can barely contain myself!!)

This morning I got up to make my DH breakfast before he went to work. He never mentioned Valentine's Day at all, so I decided I would be happy with today no matter what happened. Well, I just got an email from him telling me Happy Valentine's Day and then told me to go look in the trunk of the car for a surprise. I went out to the garage in my jammies and slippers! And in the trunk I found a big heart-shaped box of chocolates and a big bottle of my favorite wine (Cafe'!) I am so.....happy seems like such a limp, I know.....I feel so CHERISHED!!

So I've got a yummy pot roast going for dinner, I'll cook up a good dessert (maybe his favorite, apple pie) and I'm going to make him a card. This is an awesome man that God has blessed me with!!!!


donnag said...

You sure deserve this gift. You prayed for it and the Lord answered your prayers. Now simply enjoy it. I know you are. Happy Valentines's Day, precious sister.
Donna G

Anonymous said...

Bless you.

My name is Wenona. I am currently living in the New Orleans area and have prayed for a gift like yours.

Aaron is the love of my life. He is an Air Force Captain and we are on the cusp of getting engaged. I have three children from a previous marriage.

All I can say it has been a long time coming!

We are Katrina and domestic abuse survivors, survivors period. I have two teenagers and an eight year old, the oldest lives with relatives in Texas.

You inspire me to to be a handmaiden of the Lord, also. My title of my space is handmaidenwenona. I think that is funny!

Bless you and your house!
Sis Wenona

Amy J said...

Hi Wenona! I went and checked out your're BEAUTIFUL! :) I loved your post about there being more to life than commission. I so agree. So many times I've had to stop and re-evaluate life, reset my priorities, ya know? I hope you come here often, keep me updated on your life. Being an Air Force wife has its challenges, but what an honor to stand beside your man in that!
Blessings back at ya!!