Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Big D!

My oldest is 12 today!! I can vividly remember his birth; the doctor lifting him and placing him on my tummy as his Daddy and I just stared, hardly believing this was ours! And now that little bundle is almost as tall as I am (he wears the same size shoes)! It's such a funny thing because part of you thinks 12 is such a long time, and yet it's not. He's still my little boy.....still so much to learn.......will we be able to teach him all he needs to know in the short time we have left with him? To him, 6-8 years is so far away, and yet to me, oh my!!! So soon?? My baby! My boy!! What a treasure I have in this one. Lord, help me not to miss this time with him by being too tired, or frustrated with him or what have you. Thank you for this precious one!

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Auntie Beepenhopper said...

hey Amy,
Sorry we missed big D's birthday. I feel really bad (we missed Jesse's and Foo-Foo's too). I have been bad about birthday's this year, plus I have been helping Cindy alot lately so I haven't had much spare time.

We hope he had a great birthday, sounds like you had fun stuff going on. We were thinking of you guys though...does that count? Maybe I'll have Prunella-m'gee write some "letters" to send out. She LOVES making letters and cards for anyone and everyone.

Sorry again, give D and all big hugs from Auntie Beepenhopper and crew. We love you and miss you lots!