Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Messed up Priorities

Well, time to get a status report on the New Year's resolution.....and.......yeah, my priorities are ALL messed up! I finally took time this morning to get with God, it's been weeks! So I plunked down with my Women of the Bible study book, and read about Jezebel. Then there was a question regarding II Kings 9:30 Now when Jehu came to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it, and she painted her eyes and beautified her head and looked out of [an upper] window. Why did Jezebel get "all dolled up" though she knew that Jehu was coming to kill her? For some reason that question bugged me and I wasn't seeing any obvious answers so I sat there thinking.....was she just vain? stupid? uncaring?

As I sat there thinking about that, about her putting on makeup when her life was about to end, I started thinking about life in this house lately. I've been doing LOTS of knitting, I really like knitting, so I've been....well......knitting! And really, not a whole lot else....I might as well have been putting on makeup, huh?? So I started praying, confessing that my priorities were certainly messed up, and admitting that I had no idea how to get myself out of this rut; asking God for His plans for my priorities. Following is what I wrote, and what I realized I need to look at each day:

#1 GOD --> Spend time soaking in His presence; praise and worship.
#2 HUBBY --> Provide a haven for him to come home to. (today I need to clean our bedroom, wash our sheets, make a good dinner, and tidy up the clutter around the house)
#3 CHILDREN --> Teaching and nurturing them (Today we need to get school done, work on chores with a good attitude, and have joyful free-time)
#4 OTHERS --> Be available (simply trusting God in this as it comes)
#5 SELF--> When all else is done, I can then sit and enjoy the things I like to do (KNITTING!)

So how about you, have you sat down and received your marching orders for the day??
Count your blessings!!!

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