Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well, let's see....this week....I did go back to the doctor's on Tuesday; she was suprised and grossed out kinda by the bruising on my arm. We repeated the x-rays and again they said nothing's broken. She said it might be a torn ligament and recommended physical therapy to get range of motion back. For now I'm just going to use it more at home and see how it feels. So far it's pretty good, though this morning I propped myself up on that elbow and it did NOT feel good at all (note to self......DON'T!)

Last weekend we went to dh's oldest brother's house. They live about 3 hours from us. BIL is also in the Air Force, so they are living on a base in ID (about halfway to my youngest sister's house). Anyway, while there, Big D started sniffling and coughing....and sure enough, a NASTY cold has invaded our home. Of course I got it too.....NO fun!! Guess I kinda sound like a whiney baby; sorry about that.

So, life has been a bit chaotic lately, but what else is new? Gotta kinda roll with the punches, you know? Glad to know that God is on my side though! That makes each day doable for me, that's for sure!!

Well, just thought I'd catch you all up to speed on life here!
Count your blessings!

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