Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pink Princess' new hat and mittens

My Aunt "Snowbird" made this hat for the Pink Princess. I have been wanting to make Pink some mittens, so I decided to make them to match the hat! I REALLY like this mitten pattern, very quick and easy!! I'm thinking that my friend K and I need hats like this too. K's will be chocolate and light pink, but I need ideas for colors for mine. Any thoughts? Post them here please! :)


MatschMomma said...

ummm duh green and blue!!!
tee hee

Ashley said...

I love the hat! I vote for dark pink (in honor of your Pink Princess) and two shades of blue (for your two Ds).

I can't believe how big A is! And she's 8 already! Caleb will be there in about 6 weeks...and Jacob will be 5 next Wednesday, not far behind your little D.

I knew you crocheted, but I didn't know you can knit as well! That's great! I've tried a few times, but I always give up in frustration. I finally gave away my needles and my how-to book as a white elephant gift a few years ago... :o)

Amy J said...

Ashley, don't give up yet! My friend 'K' showed me the continental method and that was all I needed! I only learned a year ago and already I've made a sweater for little D, 2 headbands, 3 pairs of mittens, several dishcloths, a hooded poncho for my nephew and have a hat in the works for Big D (orange and royal blue....ugh!....his choice, not mine!)

Scary how fast these kids grow, huh? Big D will be 12 next month!

Beeker said...

Aunt "Snowbird" huh...gee who could that be? Is she married to "Uncle Pat's Biggest Fan"?

hee hee...our little princess also got a cute hat from her for christmas. It is purple with white tulips and a white ribbon around it. I'll have to post some pictures on the family site.

It is REALLY cute with her new hair cut. (the one she got so she could send her hair to locks of love so they could make "twigs" for kids who had to take medicine that made their hair fall out.)

love ya! Beek