Sunday, January 20, 2008


No new posts lately. I'm afraid I may have broken (cracked) my elbow last weekend. My good friend K took me to the doctor on Monday. They didn't see anything, but said that it was still bleeding internally and swollen, so if it was cracked, that wouldn't show up well on x-rays until all the swelling went down. I thought it was getting better throughout the week, however, in attempting to braid my hair I got a sharp pain in my elbow and it began bleeding internally again (sorry if that's gross).

I could use prayers as it is VERY hard to do nothing and order everyone else to do what you should be doing. Blahhhhh!!!


Ashley said...

Oh, Amy! So sorry to hear about your elbow. Just reading about it make me hurt! How'd you crack it?

Praying for a quick and complete recovery...

MatschMomma said...

ICE ICE ICE and tell those kids to work for you or I'll come crack some butts!