Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, yesterday DH decided to take me around the house to "show me things". I thought he meant things like how to run the sprinklers, or what to watch out for in the boiler-room, or things like that. I said, "Should I take a notepad with me?" He said, "Sure."

Well, our tour begins with him pointing out some paint on the outside of the house that is bubbling. He said, "That'll need scraping and repainting." Then he begins closely scrutinizing all of the window frames. "Yup," says my darling man, "these are going to need to be caulked. I had planned to do that this summer." Okay, now I'm not exactly smiling as my list grows: replace sprinkler heads, plant a couple lines of shrubs as "fencing" for the back yard,replace the starter in the Camry (yes! I'm serious!), keep checking the oil and fluid levels....thankfully, at that point he got sidetracked with the fluid levels in the Camry, and our "tour" came to an abrupt halt.

By now, I really am not smiling. I'm kinda fuming. THIS is not my job! I'm going to have very sad children and a very sad dog on my hands, many people planning to visit througout the summer, a huge garden to tend, canning to do, a quilt I'm planning to make as a surprise for my DH, besides making and selling things at the Farmer's Market....I thought I did a fairly good job of finding things to keep our minds otherwise occupied while he was gone!

I then remind myself to take a breath, and think this through slowly. Here's what I've come up with:: 1.)He wants to make sure that we have things to do to keep us busy while he's gone (kinda lame excuse though) or 2.) He trusts me absolutely and has full confidence in me (seriously! I know, I know....part of me wants to ask him if he's crazy, but.....)

That got me to thinking about one of my favorite passages in the Bible. And yes, it is a favorite....I believe this is not describing Wonder Woman, but rather pointing out things we should aspire too, things we can do when we trust and fear the Lord our God. Know which one I'm talking about? Yep, Proverbs 31! Check this part out:
11 Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.
12 She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.
Well, this is certainly something I strive for, but actually seeing it play out....whew!! Interesting, to say the very least! I admit I was kind of self-concious as hubby and I had our heads under the hood of the Camry. "What will the neighbors think when I'm out here doing this on my own this summer??" And yet, that is not what matters. What does matter is my commitment to God and to my spouse. Should be an interesting summer, don't you think??
Abba, loving Father-God, thank You for this marriage partner You have blessed me with. Thank You that he has confidence and trust in me. Abba, I pray for Your strength and wisdom in this time. Help me to lose my worldly focus on all of this, and keep a heavenly focus instead. Thank You Abba, for Your mercy and grace in my life, may that same mercy and grace overflow into the lives of those around me regardless of what I must face. In Christ's name....Amen!


Anonymous said...

Hi. You are doing a wonderful job with the site. Sorry I have not gotten time to comment before now, but must tell you it has become my enjoyment to read your site at the end of the day.
Love the pics. You are so talented with the computer. Have lots to learn from you.
As for the starter, I could help with that one. I like grease! Let me know when you plan it.
Many Blessings,

His handmaiden said...

Ooo! I forgot that you like grease. Hmmm....this could be, I could trade you dinner for a replaced starter.

See, God has His plans, He always has things covered. I love that!!