Saturday, March 17, 2007

Love notes from God

Jeremiah 29:11:11 For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.

I love this verse! And you know, the hope entailed here isn't that everything will be "peachy-keen" this side of heaven, but that God's got it covered!! How cool is that??

What does that have to do with love notes? It's fun to tuck little love notes in hubby's lunch, or (my favorite) write a message on the mirror with a dry erase marker so he gets it as he's shaving in the morning, or what have you. Well, God loves to tuck little "love notes" in various places for us too. But what if hubby doesn't bother with his lunch, or doesn't notice the words on the mirror. What if he's not even caring to look for them? What if we're not even bothering to look for God's love notes? Nothing fancy, written on scented pretty paper, but a napkin or something...something ordinary. You really need to be looking.

WHAT am I talking about? Let me share the "love note" I discovered this morning. DH and I were sitting in the sunroom drinking coffee. He was looking through a Book of Prayers that he has to take with him. I asked why he had it rather than the Chaplain. He said that they both have one in case they are separated. Somehow that led to the discussion about the team that he is assigned to. They are a group of guys, volunteers, who are going over to build because they love to build. I asked, "Are you going to be able to work with them?" And he said that most likely he will be with them, as the chapel representative, because he can carry a weapon (a chaplain cannot).

See how easy it could be to miss that love note? What is the love note? Well, DH LOVES to build things. He didn't know he was gifted in that area until only a few years ago, and since then, wow!! So as DH is telling me this, God is smiling and saying, "See, I've got this covered. I know this guy, I know his heart. He's going exactly where I want him to be." What a treasure to me that hubby got this kind of assignment, out of all the myriad assignments he could have received. No doubt, God's got him. And this chat this morning was God's reminder to me, His love note.

God's got him!

Abba, what can I say about You? You are amazing! You have such a sense of humor. Your love is beyond anything I can imagine! I feel so cherished by You. Thank You that You are so much bigger than the military, than this war. Father, thank You for again reminding me that You've got things covered. Sovereign Father, true Love of my life, my All in All, I thank You!! Through the shed blood of the Lamb....Amen!

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