Thursday, July 19, 2007

*sigh* another Ouch!

This morning as I read Created to be His Help Meet , I was really convicted about being sober.....not as in drink, but as in being well balanced, not affected by passion or prejudice (thank you Webster!).....I have not been sober; and worse, I have gotten less sober with Hubby being gone. I let things slide, I'm not careful, I just do what pleases me without really thinking it through or praying for direction. Ouch!!! That was a very painful thought to see this morning. The clincher verse was 1 Timothy 3:11, which is a verse I have always really loved, and though it is written regarding the wives of "bishops", I think it applies to all of us. I Timothy 3:11 says, "Women likewise must be worthy of respect and serious, not gossipers, but temperate and self-controlled, [thoroughly] trustworthy in all things." I have to confess that this has NOT been me lately. Okay, gonna be naked here.........I have gossiped (a lot, and boy am I being naked here!!!), I have not been trustworthy with Hubby's money, with our home, with my responsibilities, I haven't even been very self-controlled in my eating and exercise. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!! So I am praying for redirection, clarity and mostly for forgiveness! Oy!! Ladies, I don't know that we fully realize how important it is to be under the headship of our husbands!! He is like a reminder for me and he's willing to correct me when he sees me straying. Oh I miss him and I have been so thankful for God opening my eyes to all this, no matter how painful the realization is!!

{{I cannot believe I just blogged that....God, please use it for YOUR glory!!}}

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